Thursday, January 29

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Just hopping online before first period to say:


Yes, in case for some strange and unknown reason you were unaware, today is Miss Madison T.’s b-day, so show our girl some love and stuff!

(Or, you could always pass your birthday wishes to me to give to her, later on. 'Cause I’m gonna see her when she, Regan, and I all head out for an awesome little party of three. I’d tell you where, but it’s a surprise for Mads. Don’t be jealous. I’m just better friends with her than you are. I mean, it’s just a fact of life.)

Anyway, M—the bell just rang and I’m getting some v. pointed glares from Mr. Rowe. I guess he wants me in Trig or whatever.


HAVE A GREAT DAY—and I’ll see you for some celebratin’ SOON!



location: Trig. Well, just outside of Trig. O-M-G, Rowe, I’m coming. Chillax.

status: late to class

besties with b-days: today is all Mads, all the time!

Tuesday, December 23

Snow Queens

OMG, that’s gonna be us, girlies, in Aspen for New Year’s Eve! I’m all stocked up on cashmere drawstring pants for lounging by the fire and slim-fitting Merino sweaters for some sex appeal when keeping warm out on the town and stuff.

It’s not going to be the same without Paige around to count down with us to midnight, of course. But P, we’re thinking of you! Can’t wait until you’re back at school and back in the swing of things!

We’ll send postcards. In the meantime, hope you’re getting all clean and sober and happy and rehabbed. And stuff!


location: the Bradbrary. I’m outta here just as soon as next period’s history final is DONE.

status: so over school, already. Am I right?

minutes until vacay starts: 73, and counting…

Sunday, December 21

Ready, Set . . . SNOW!

What do you think, guys? Is it going to be a white Xmas?

I don’t care. Just as long as we get a little break from school. Srsly—finals much?

Of course, I’m going to miss all of my besties so so so totally. We’re going to text and ichat and KIT all day, every day! It’s a fact: I’m number one on Paige’s speed dial. Don’t be jealous. Her contacts list prolly goes up to at least twenty-five. You’ve just got to get yourself raised in the rankings. Tough, but not impossible.

But anyway, it wouldn’t be holidays if we weren’t all resolving to make ourselves all kinds of better and stuff in the coming year. Let’s do it—I’ll show you mind if you’ll show me yours.

The top three:

  1. I’m totes going to cut back on double-mocha lattes this year, swearsies. I drink, like, five a day. All that caffeine is bad for the skin—dries you out. Just ask Cam Barrett (right? right).
  2. I’m gonna do some extracurricular reading this year. A girl cannot live on Hawthorne and Salinger alone, after all. Lucky mag, here I come!
  3. The whole mind/body thing is not to be neglected. It is so important to keep healthy and balanced. Who’s in for a day at Rescue Rittenhouse? Mads? Spencer? Call me!

location: snuggling in bed in my cashmere lounge set
status: resolved
mood: fa la la la la . . .

Sunday, December 7

The Party's Over

Guys, ZOMG, I know everyone’s, like, FREAKING OUT and stuff about what happened to Paige. I am, too. We Must. Attempt. To. Chill.

(And ps: I know what the police found, but my jury is still out. She is SO innocent until proven guilty, ya know? Don’t these people watch Law & Order and whatever?)

I’ve got pix from the super-extra-scandalous end of the night. Check 'em out. And if you’ve got any new (gory, heinous, shockadelic) details, lemme know!

In the meantime, be cool. This whole thing is crazy messed, but we’ll figure it out. Spence, Paige—I’m here for you both. I’m all sensitive and whatever like that.

location: home again. the night ended kinda abruptly, after all.
status: jaw, meet floor.
mood: shockadelic, and stuff

Tuesday, November 11

Buns of Steel

Has anyone noticed that Ben Franklin has an awesome butt and stuff? 'Cause, like, I sure hadn’t, until now. He totes fills out those Bradford boxers way better than half the boys on the lacrosse team.

I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Maybe it’s time for some more squats, boys? I think C.J.’s dad has access to some HOTT trainers.

location: the Bradford lounge
latte tally: 2 since wake-up
soundtrack: Coldplay. Thanks, lounge DJ people! Love it!